Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Willa's Doll Quilt

I finally finished the back to Willa's doll quilt. I pulled the hopscotch board in one of the fabrics out of the fabric and put it into a strip down the back.  I used the cream doll print that is featured in the blocks.

I've never posted a picture of the completed top, and I hesitate to post this one.  See that little hand in the above picture.  With his "help" I managed to not get a decent un-blurred picture.  That'll teach me to get out the real camera.  I coulda got a better pic with my Ipad.  But this'll give you an idea.  

It's already packed away in its box, ready to be shipped to Angela tomorrow, and I'm not going to wake it up to get a new picture.  When it comes back, I'll have plenty of pics to post!

Ada's quilt top is done.  Her birthday is May 11th, and last birthday of my year.  I'm hoping to have at least 1 done on time.  Especially since her appliqued birthday shirt coordinates!  The back is going to be Aqua Balloons.  I'm going to quilt this myself.  Not quite sure yet.  I'd like to quilt 1/4 inch along the seams, but I might try some diagonal lines.  WWYD?

I also finished my blocks for the 4x5 modern quilt bee!

Semi-Completed Project:
  1. Sarah Jane Cross Quilt top
  2. Willa's Doll Quilt top 
New Projects:
  • Wacky Bentos (yet to be started)
Projects in the Workbox:
  1. Houndstooth Tubes 
  2. Love You to the Moon Word Quilt (worked on this one since I last posted.  I need some advice on that one- later)
  3. Shot Cottons Wonky Log Cabin 
  4. Spiderweb
  5. Rainbow Diamond (I completed 4 blocks)
  6. (and 7) Sarah Jane Family Panels (Waiting on the embroidery fairy)
-Sew Bee Wonky- finished March and April blocks stitches- Ribbon star

Ribbon stars for April 2012

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Annie said...

Manda, your quilts look wonderful. I especially like Ada's. I also especially love the 4x5 modern quilt bee blocks. They look so cool all together!

Wendi said...

Oh look how adorable Willa's doll quilt turned out! So did Ada's cross quilt. The Sarah Jane fabrics are so pretty and girlie. These quilts turned out wonderful : )

**nicke... said...

oh my gracious that plus quilt is amazing! love it.

Cherie said...

Wow some great looking quilts there! Love the blocks. Hope to see more of that list finished up =D