Wednesday, August 29, 2012

QuiltCon Block Challenge

When my friend Carolyn at Demanding Cat posted that her block was going to be featured on the MQG blog, I was only a little jealous, but mostly proud of her.  After church this evening, I checked my email (and left putting the kids to bed to my husband) and got my own email.  Now, I'm no longer green with envy.  Check it out tomorrow!  I can hardly wait.

Thank you so much for submitting a block or blocks to the QuiltCon Block Challenge! I'm truly overwhelmed by the beautiful blocks you made. 
I'm just sending you this e-mail to confirm that your block or blocks will be featured on the MQG blog tomorrow (Thursday, August 30). You can follow the blog during the next few weeks to see more fabulous blocks and be sure to check the blog starting September 24, for the announcement of the blocks that were selected to be included in the QuiltCon Raffle Quilt.
The blocks that aren't selected for the raffle quilt will be used to make bed quilts for the Austin Children's Shelter so, even if your block doesn't end up in the raffle quilt, it is definitely going to a good cause! We're currently looking for guilds interested in finishing one of the quilts for the children's shelter so, if you think your guild might be interested, please let me know.
Thank you, again, for participating in the QuiltCon Block Challenge!


Silent Night, Holy Moly Night

The charm swap has wrapped.  Other than figuring out international shipping on a package, I'm done.  Paypal won't release the shipping to me because I sent the bill as an invoice, and I don't have a spare $20 right now, but, overall, I'm pleased about the outcome of the swap.  I couldn't have met a better group of ladies.  They make all the sorting worth it.  If you plan on doing your own swap, don't start at 7 o'clock on night and expect to be done before bedtime.  Oh, no no. But, the packages are out of my hands and control now.  For sure, my next swap will go more smoothly, as long as my husband doesn't split when he sees me laying out over 100 piles of fabric. Many thanks to the ladies who participated.  I can't wait to see the projects that come of it!  Let me know if you blog it, and I'll pin it to our board.