Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Sarah Jane Quilt

My last Children at Play quilt is a plus/cross quilt.  In addition to the CAP prints, I also used some Jewel prints from Andover.  I really really like them.  I'm using Pezzy Prints, the last of my cross weaves.  I'm bummed that Moda isn't going to be making these anymore.  I love them.  Right now I only have the rows paired.  I sure do wish I could figure out chain piecing.  I'm doing it square by square, row by row.  When I even try to do the rows 2 squares at a time, I forget which way is up.  I have to do a lot of unsewing, so for now, I'll just do it the long way.  I hadn't planned on posting it, but Ada insisted on inspecting the progress, so I decided to snap a quick pick on the iPad.  I have the Parade Panel from this line to be used in the back, and I've seen some great scalloped quilts like this one.  I want to try it!  I'm not sure my sewing level is high enough. I wonder if I could talk my LQS into doing a class.


Not very interesting, but here are the other rows- on my handy TV table. And there's my new pinnie from Bee a [modern] swapper- in use!


So- that's it. I still have lots of WIPs I haven't thought of in months! This quilt will be Ada's birthday quilt. It's coming up in May. So it's pretty high on my list, as is finishing the back of Willa's quilt and getting it sent to Angela.

This week I need to work on some liberated churn dash blocks for a wonky bee. I don't know why, but I'm terrified of doing this block.  I'm also getting set this weekend to swap partners for the Pot Holder Swap.  It'll be a busy day of cutting and pasting from the google doc.  I sure do love google docs though!

About an hour ago, I got my swapped blocks back from Kari's Scrap Busting Group. We did wacky bentos. I made- a lot- of blocks. When I counted them out, it was about a dozen more than I thought I'd made. I'm dense like that. These are quartered blocks, so for each of my own blocks, I have 3 more to complete 1 16 in block. I decided to put 1 of my blocks in each of the completed blocks, and distribute the rest randomly. This one will go together quickly, but I guess technically, I've added another project. It will be the biggest quilt I've made to date.  We're doing Herringbone blocks this time.  Go sign up!



Completed Project:

New Projects:
(2) Sarah Jane Cross Quilt, Wacky Bentos

Projects in the Workbox:
1. Houndstooth Tubes 
2. Love You to the Moon Word Quilt
3. Shot Cottons Wonky Log Cabin 
4. Spiderweb
5. Rainbow Diamond
6 & 7. Sarah Jane Family Panels (Waiting on the embroidery fairy)

-Sew Bee Wonky- liberated churn dash to be completed stitches- pinwheels complete
- Bee a {modern} swapper- It's my month, and I'm getting some great blocks!


Cherie said...

Love the quilt and the block looks great!!
The easiest way I've found to chain piece is use two different colour threads in your machine. That way when it comes to pressing you know by the colour of the thread used on top which way is supposed to be up. It also helps if you lay them out on a surface in the pattern and sew row by row =D

Kristy QP said...

Your plus quilt is coming along beautifully!

Annie said...

I love Ada's quilt. It's going to look awesome!