Saturday, April 28, 2012


Craigsblock by stayathomelibrarian

Craigsblock, a photo by stayathomelibrarian on Flickr.
Unfortunately, there is no modern quilt guild near me, but I do have hopes that one day I may be able to be a member of one!  I'd love to be able to go to Texas to Quiltcon, but honestly, if I had the spare cash to spend on quilting, it would be for a new machine (I'm wishing for the more affordable Janome Horizon opposed to a Bernina), and not a trip. Keeping it real, yo!  However, I am happy to participate, even if just a little way, in Quiltcon by submitting this block for the Quilt Block Challenge.

Having had read about the Quiltcon Block Challenge, I never expected to be sending in an entry until the other day when I was surfing around on Craigslist (you know you do it too) and came across this couch. I said to myself,  "Self, that would make a cool quilt block".  So, here I am, translating this retro couch into my version of a modern quilt block. The colors chosen for the challenge really did most of the work. I call this block "Craigsblock".

I have no expectations that it'll be well liked, or even in the running to be included in the final quilt, but I'm proud of it regardless. I even got out my camera and took it on a little photo shoot! If you know me over at Flickr, or read this blog-ever- I'm pretty famous for my poor quality iPad photos.


Cherie said...

The block looks great and what cool, yet bizarre garden ornaments you have there =D

Susan Yates said...

I LOVE that block. And I don't get excited about individual blocks much. :)

Kristy QP said...

Love that block! Great way to translate inspiration into fabric.

And can I just say - I love that last photo on your photoshoot! Too funny!

Annie said... your post on this! Incredible creation from a rather funny inspiration. Perfect name for your block!

**nicke... said...

uh, manda, i love this! tutorial!!!!!! and i love all of your block holders! they totally cracked me up!

Tiffany said...

This is a great block, and I like the story of its inspiration. Nice job!