Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm happy to finally have something to show.

No doubt, I did finish my 4x5 Modern Bee Blocks , ahead of schedule, so go look at those.   They even got mailed and some have started to arrive.  (If you're coming here from Freshly Pieced- that lime, aqua and green Oregon star block is destined for me! ) I'm more proud of myself than I probably should be about the finish, but, I'm a wait to the last minute kind of person.  Which is why, I'm more happy to share this WIP.  It's a- CHRISTMAS present- started before Halloween!   The plan is to have both of these done before Thanksgiving.  I am more than a little freaked about learning how to embroider the names.  I do have a very good friend with a fancy smancy embroidery machine, but I'm thinking I should do them by hand.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Favorite tutorials?

So, about the panels.  This Sarah Jane fabric is my first official fabric crush.  It took over a year, but it was love at first sight.  When I saw this panel quilt on her blog, I just had to have it.  I'm sure you know, but it's Children's Play by Sarah Jane, and it's produced by Michael Miller.

My projects:
  • Spiderweb quilt (no progress)
  • Diamond Rainbow Quilt- this one is driving me crazy. The corner seams are getting caught in my feed dogs.  I think maybe I should re-iron all these little boogers and try again.  Maybe it's an issue with my machine.  I dunno.  
  • Wonky Shot Cottons Log Cabin (no progress)
  • Secret Christmas Present (got the  fabric waiting on the bee blocks)
  • My husband reminded me of a flannel D9P I started last year, and well- forgot!
  • Cream Dolls square quilt- October is my month in my Simple Modern Quilt Bee, and I sent Sarah Jane fabrics and asked for some pieced blocks.  Wait with bated breath for those to start showing up on my blog.
Coming Soon:
  • Garden Fence quilt using Children's Play On the Go fabrics.  I'm looking for solids to match the aqua and orange if you happen to know of any.  Sashing will be Kona snow.
  • Houndstooth quilt-  I've got fabric for it.  I just need to sit down and do it.
ASAP list:
  • Deadline for the 2nd round of the Bow Tie Swap is coming up.  I'd planned on making 40, but I might just be happy with 10.  They don't take long to make, but I have a busy few days.  Homeschooling is going great, but it's time intensive.  Mommy time is pretty rare. I'm lucky that I can pawn my kids off to my parents on the weekend, then I sew sew sew.  I've convinced myself that I'd be a pretty decent quilt blogger- if only.  I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.  I'd be lieing, if I hadn't thought- more than once- how much quilting I could get if she were in a brick and mortar school.  
  • Learn to embroider.


Scrap,Quilt, Preach said...

Thanks for your comments on my coin quilt. I made it from the quilt along with Don't call me Betsy. I also noticed that Sew Katie Did blog also has an improve version that might be interesting to try.

Wendi said...

Hey Manda just stopping by to "read" you. What have you been up to? : )

a maidenhair fern said...

I'm making one of these for my grand daughter. I'd like to know what your experience has been with putting the names on the fabric. Permenant Pen? embroidery? Thanks