Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I love Sarah Jane Fabrics.  Really.  Seriously.  Well, I like all her stuff.  I recently pre-ordered 2 copies of her soon to be released Christmas book.  As soon as I saw the Family Tree Panel quilt, I wanted to make 2 of my own.  I got the panels in from Pink Castle Fabrics last week, along with some other fabric from the line.  Brenda doesn't carry the entire line, so I'm waiting on a package from Hawthorne Threads so I can get started on these. A friend of mine from church has a fancy smancy embroidery machine that I'll use once I have the top finished.  Sarah Jane's embroidery patterns make me wish I could embroider- and maybe- one day.  Just not now.  I hesitate, but I do have a small complaint about the Children Play line.  I had hoped that Aqua Balloons would be my favorite print, but when I got it in hand, the hair of the red-headed girl, along with some coloring on her legs is shifted a bit on the print.  I haven't seen any other complaints on line about this print.  Maybe I'm the only one disappointed?

These quilts will be Christmas presents for Ada and Willa, so I hope to have the completed before Thanksgiving.  There isn't a lot of piecing in this one, so hopefully they will be quickly made.

Also New this week:  I'm waiting on (can you believe the mail man came while I was typing this!) I just got  some Munki fabric for my Simple Modern Quilt Bee in order to make some super cute blocks for a Flickr Buddy.

Still in Progress:

-I'm still working in my Rainbow Diamond  quilt.  I got another two blocks completed last night, bringing my total to four.  My three year old did hinder my progress.  I had the blocks clipped together with a binder clip.  She took half a dozen of them apart and started matching the prints.  Good thing the placement is random.
Deadline for this quilt is ASAP.  I want to do at least two blocks a night so I can go ahead and get this one out of the way.

-Bow Tie quilt.  I got the bow ties from my Bow Tie swap in.  I decided just to make these into a little quilt and donate it.   When I get closer to completing it, I'm going to request a kit from Quilt for Kids and send both of them in together.

-Surprise quilt- I'm working additionally on a Word Quilt that I won't share here until after it's given to its recipient.  This is a bee quilt.

Shelved Projects:

-My Shot Cottons Baby quilt has stalled.  I know that I could get the top finished rather quickly, but I think the "wonk" in the sashing isn't quite right, so who knows when I'll start on this one again.

-Spider Web quilt.  I've put a bug in the ear of someone who hosts swaps to do a "strings" swap.  If I had more than one follower, I'd do it on my own, but I don't like rejection.  If no one participated, I'd be sad. I do probably have enough scraps now that I could make a few blocks, but I really want a variety in there.

Priority: -I have one more word block to finish up for the Word Play Bee. I was a little "lettered out".  This block was originally slated to be done by another member who dropped out, but I hate to think that there is quilt out there just waiting on me to finish my piecing.

Deadlines to Watch: 4x5 Modern quilt bee.  I decided long ago which block I wanted to do.  My test block was 1/2 inch too short, but I'm confident I can fix that issue.  It seems that most of the other hives have a lot of the same colors going on.  I'm grateful there is a such an eclectic mix of colors in my hive, but it does make it a little harder when gathering fabrics.

Looking Forward:

I so have a Christmas quilt in the back of my mind for Micah, (my 19 month old son) using- of course, part of the Sarah Jane line.  I'm thinking of doing some square in square blocks to focus on the Aqua On the Go print.  I'm collecting fabric for it, but I want to get more projects completed before adding this in for processing.

Simple Modern Quilt Bee- Next month is my month, and I'm sending Cream Dolls and some of the other Children at Play fabric and see what awesomeness that these ladies can come up with.  The finished quilt will be for Willa.


Wendi said...

Hi Manda, Just wanted to drop a line here and let you know that I love visiting you blog. : ) Your list of works in progress scares me a bit....just this week I was saying to myself (yes, I talk to me) that it's about time I realize I am unable to handle more than one project and a couple of bee blocks at a time. I admire your organization! : ) Have a great week!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Wow, you have a lot on the go! That's awesome. I just found your blog and I like your sense of humor so you now have two followers. Curious who Micah is. One of my sons' is named Micah too. Cheers, M-R